When Animals Are Taking Over Your Space

Call Lansing, MI's trusted wildlife control company

Are squirrels ruining your home's attic? Do groundhogs keep eating their way through your landscape? Keep animals out of your property with services from National Wildlife Control, LLC.

Our animal removal specialist is licensed to trap animals in Michigan. Call National Wildlife Control at 517-258-2463 right away for an estimate. We serve residents within a 40-mile radius of Lansing, including Portland, Jackson, Perry and Fowlerville.

We'll remove all evidence of your infestation

While examining your home or office for signs of raccoons, pigeons and other animals, we'll also note any signs of damage. Our wildlife control specialist has experience in the construction industry and can repair any damage to your property.

Make your infestation just a memory with complete animal removal and property repair services from National Wildlife Control. Schedule a consultation as soon as possible. We trap animals for residents within a 40-mile radius of Lansing, MI.

Keep furry critters out of your home or office

Never worry about animals encroaching upon your space again with animal removal services from National Wildlife Control. Our specialist has experience trapping:



Groundhogs (also known as woodchucks)

The wildlife control specialist at National Wildlife Control will inspect your space thoroughly. We'll also explain how the animals got into your home and ways you can prevent future infestations. We'll then get to work eliminating your wildlife problem.

Choose National Wildlife Control to handle your animal control needs. We specialize in birds and bat removal, raccon control, squirrel removal and woodchucks control. Make an appointment in the Lansing, MI area now.

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