Here at Stewart Pest Solutions we have personally seen the damage that a beaver can cause to your property first hand. We have had numerous clients that had trees dropped on their homes in the middle of the night. The client was not happy! In a single visit, we once removed 6 beavers off of a clients property.

Beavers are relocating into all areas in the state of Michigan. Beavers are the animals that drove explorers west and helped define America in the early times of history. Beaver can be a very destructive animal. In the state of Michigan, beavers are not legal to relocate.

Beavers will live in the well-known lodge but they also will live in holes in the bank of the body of water. This is where they feel the most at home. The majority of the damage they cause is a result of them building their home area and gathering food. The lodge will be built of sticks and mud causing the surrounding area to flood. Flooding will kill trees and crops and may even cause roads to flood over or, in the worst case scenario, cause a home and property to become flooded.

Throughout the process of building their lodge, beavers also will take down trees to feed on the bark. They then will drop trees and haul off sections of the tree back towards their lodge, den, or dam for food and building materials. These bank dens will be a hole roughly the size of a basketball, going underground.

If the beaver has a bank den located on your property be careful and get it taken care of A.S.A.P! The bank dens often collapse and large amounts of property damage are the result of this collapse. Stewart Pest Solutions will always trap and remove beavers in a safe and humane fashion.

Beaver removal is best when you first notice damage to your property. Contact us today in the Lansing & East Lansing, MI area!