Fox Squirrels are the largest squirrel in North America and frequently foundĀ in Lansing, MI. Fox Squirrels are often mistaken for the American Red Squirrel, or the Eastern Grey Squirrel, due to the animals coexisting.

They are very tolerant of humans and thrive in urban settings. However, they usually eat natural foods in urban environments.

Our team has seen them chew holes into trash cans and climb into dumpsters for food. They will chew into homes and businesses on occasion but not nearly as much as Red Squirrels.

There are several indicators you have a Fox Squirrel in your home. These indicators include:

  • A softball sized hole chewed into your home
  • Heavy running in the attic
  • Chattering in your attic
  • Nut chewing in your attic
  • Scratches on a post or something similar leading to your roof
  • Insulation drug out of your attic

Female Fox Squirrels will have two litters per year, generally a spring and a fall litter. Fox Squirrels are not territorial, like the Red Squirrel, and often are chased away by Red Squirrels.

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