At Stewart Pest Solutions we are a huge advocate for honey bees. We maintain our own colonies of bees and recognize how important they are to the planet.

If you see a swarm do not be alarmed! The honey bees do not want to harm you. The bees are not defending anything and will keep to themselves. If a bee does land on you simply blow the bee off to avoid any conflict with the bee(s). Whatever you do, please do not spray the swarm with any chemicals or anything else to disperse them.

We offer free swarm removal in the Mid Michigan area and we also will remove established colonies from structures. It is important to remove the beehive as a whole so pests do not move in to take advantage of the honey and pollen left behind. This will cause odors and other issues to occur on your property.

Don't worry, we will handle your next honey bee removal service in Lansing & East Lansing, MI and the surrounding areas as well. We will even relocate the honey bees into one of our in-house bee yards.

Please call the experienced Stewart Pest Solutions team as soon as the swarm of honey bees shows up so we can save you and them some trouble.