Have you heard unusual noises in your attic or smelled a foul odor around your chimney? You could be dealing with a raccoon infestation. Call Stewart Pest Solutions first for effective raccoon removal and damage restoration.

Our licensed and insured wildlife control specialist has nine years of experience. You can count on him to...

Inspect your property for entry points. Raccoons can enter your property through your gable vents, your chimney or holes in your siding.
Remove the animals quickly and humanely. Never try to trap wild animals yourself. Our wildlife control specialist has the training needed to remove raccoons and kits (babies).
Take measures to prevent future raccoon infestations. This could include sealing holes in your soffits or installing vent screens.

Rest easy knowing you're turning to the pros in Lansing, Michigan. Stewart Pest Solutions will not only remove the wildlife infestation from your property, but we'll also answer your questions about the raccoon removal process.

Call 517-258-2463 today to schedule raccoon control services.

Don't delay-call our animal removal specialist today

Raccoons tend to make nests in attic insulation, chimneys and fireplaces. You should call Stewart Pest Solutions for animal removal right away to...

  • Avoid the spread of disease through raccoon feces
  • Avoid injury due to animal bites
  • Repair the damage to your property

Our raccoon control specialist has the certifications required to repair wildlife damage at your Lansing, MI property. Contact us today to learn more.