While raccoons can be cute, they can also wreak havoc on your home or workspace. National Wildlife Control, LLC is home to a dedicated raccoon control specialist who can eliminate your raccoon problem efficiently.

Along with removing the animal, we can fix any damage so you don't need to call a contractor. Schedule raccoon control with National Wildlife Control now. We serve residents within 40 miles of Lansing, MI.

Make your wildlife problem a thing of the past

Raccoons leave behind telltale clues in your home or office. Contact National Wildlife Control if you notice:

  • Raccoon tracks
  • Feces
  • Unusual sounds

Garbage that has been riffled through can also be a sign of a raccoon problem. Don't share your property with raccoons. Count on National Wildlife Control for raccoon removal in or around Lansing, MI. Call 517-258-2463 as soon as possible for a raccoon removal estimate.