No property owner wants to deal with a wildlife infestation. Unfortunately, squirrels can easily enter homes and businesses that are close to trees. When you're dealing with a squirrel infestation in Lansing, MI, contact Stewart Pest Solutions for effective squirrel control.

Our wildlife control specialist will not only remove these pests from your property humanely, but he'll seal entry points to prevent the squirrels from returning. Don't let your squirrel infestation hang over your head another day-contact us today to schedule squirrel control services.

We provide customized wildlife control solutions

You can feel confident choosing Stewart Pest Solutions for squirrel removal. Our experienced specialist will determine...

How the squirrels entered your property-squirrels can squeeze through vents or chew through rotten siding. Our animal removal specialist will find and seal these entry points.
What kind of infestation you're dealing with-many Lansing, MI property owners deal with infestations of red, gray, fox or flying squirrels. Depending on the species, we'll trap or exclude the squirrels at your property.
Whether you need structural restoration-our animal removal specialist is insured and licensed to restore your property after a squirrel infestation.

Tell us about your infestation-call 517-258-2463 today to speak with our squirrel removal specialist.