Got a wasp problem? Stewart Pest Solutions will help with your next wasp, hornet, yellow jacket and bee nest removal service for your home or business.

Two wasps you need to be on the look out for are yellow jackets and bald face hornets. Both will nest in vegetation or in houses. Yellow jackets will also nest underground, creating a a situation that is not ideal for you and your Lansing & East Lansing, MI property if not spotted. Make sure to watch out for is any wet looking spots on drywall. We have witnessed wasps chewing right through drywall on both the ceiling and wall in the past when conducting a wasp and hornet removal for our clients.

With years of experience, we do not use any chemicals throughout this process but will physically remove the nest from your property. It is a useless venture to use chemicals to remove the nests because they are often left over even after poison is applied. Stewart Pest Solutions knows the nests are unsightly and will promptly remove all traces of the nest.

One way we locate a nest location is watching the flight pattern of the wasps or hornets. Yellow jackets often fly in straight lines to and from their nest. Be careful of these wasps because they will become aggressive with little provocation. These nests should be dealt with as soon as they are located due to the hazard.

Stay ahead of these elusive insects and contact Stewart Pest Solutions. We provide wasp and hornet removals services 24/7. Contact us today at (517) 258-2463 to get started.